SparkChess HD 10.0.3 Full Apk for Android

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SparkChess HD 10.0.3 Full Apk for Android

SparkChess HD

SparkChess is the only chess game on Play Store that puts fun first. With a choice of boards, computer opponents and online play it delivers a first-class game of chess that’s as accessible to experts as it is to novices, kids and anyone else who wants to discover how enjoyable this ancient strategy board game really is.

Too many chess games are impossible for anyone but the experts and masters to win. The real test of a truly intelligent chess game isn’t how hard it is to beat, but how able it is to accommodate players of all skill levels. It’s here that the award-winning SparkChess excels.

If you’re brand new to the checkerboard, you’re looking to improve your game, you want to teach your kids to play, or you’re ready to progress to the next challenging level, everyone can find the perfect balance in SparkChess.

Complete with online play and a child-safe chat system, you can also import and export of your SparkChess game using the standardized FEN system that allows you to recreate any board configuration to continue your game elsewhere; even using a physical chess set!

* Choose from different boards: 2D, 3D and a stunning fantasy chess set.
* A simple user interface that makes games easy to set up and play.
* Choose from different computer opponents depending on your level.
* Play casual, fast or expert games to fit your needs.
* The only chess game designed to appeal to beginners and experts alike.
* Post your high scores on Facebook.
* Over 400,000 weekly users to play against.
* Learn to play, even if you’ve never seen a chessboard before.
* More than 50,000 Facebook fans, and growing.
* Large and friendly community of chess lovers from around the world.

Chess is once again fun to play in SparkChess.


* New 3D fully interactive board – rotate, pan and zoom;
* Revised fixed board design (saves battery);
* Much faster;
* New single-player difficulty level – Guru!;
* Watch games in multiplayer;
* Much smaller size (1/5 of SparkChess 9);
NOTE: For optimal experience, make sure your system is up-to-date.
If you encounter any issues, please contact us at for support, don’t use the review system.
SparkChess HD Apk